Environmental Drilling Services

Environmental Drilling Image 01GAINCO's experienced crews and drilling technologies ensure your project is completed properly, regardless of lithology. Our environmental drilling services include installation of many different types of wells, including monitoring and vapor extraction wells. Serving industry, developers, government, and consulting engineers, GAINCO provides professional drilling services for a variety of environmental applications. From investigative boring and sampling to full-scale recovery systems, our experienced crews and specialized equipment ensure safe, efficient services.

  • Soil Boring and Sampling
  • Monitoring Wells - 2" to 8"
  • Geotechnical Sampling
  • Well Development
  • Well Plug and Abandonment
  • Soil Gas Sampling

GAINCO employs Direct Push technology, as well as conventional hollow stem auger (HSA) and air rotary. The advantages of Direct Push technology over conventional drilling include:

  • Accurate Soil Profiling: Undisturbed soil cores allow for better vertical profiling capability for generating three-dimensional profiles of a site that improve the conceptual site model.
  • Accurate Groundwater Profiling: Direct Push drilling affords the capability of collecting depth-discrete groundwater samples to locate contaminated layers.
  • Sample Quality: Soil samples retrieved in plastic liners for volatile organics are not exposed to the atmosphere prior to dispatch to the laboratory.
  • Cleanliness: No water or drilling mud is introduced during Direct Push boring.
  • Rate of Work: Direct Push boring can provide data at a faster rate than conventional drilling when a greater data density is required.
  • Reduced Drill Spoil: Dual-tube sampling produces a significantly smaller volume of drill spoil requiring safe disposal, thus lowering project costs.
  • Mobility and Access to confined areas is easier.

Environmental Drilling Image 02GAINCO personnel have conducted ORC, sodium permanganate, HRC, and compound injections at multiple sites across Texas. These compounds are injected into the groundwater to eliminate chlorinated solvent plumes. We can develop the plan and specifications for injection as well as prepare required permits and install injection points. Our team can also conduct all follow-up groundwater sampling and evaluate the progress of the injection event.

Partnering with GAINCO on your project supplies distinct advantages. Our extensive experience and technical abilities ensure effective response to your needs and that your project proceeds smoothly.

GAINCO operates a broad range of well maintained, late model equipment operated by OSHA-trained, cooperative crews. To increase productivity and decrease time in the field, we include a crew to assist in decontamination and site cleanup while our rig moves to the next drilling location.

To reduce site impacts and decontamination costs, GAINCO has specialized, self-contained decontamination trailers to contain the waste typically associated with cleaning drill equipment. This saves cleanup time and reduces site impact.

We are licensed to drill and install wells in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Our personnel are continuously trained on the job and in shop training sessions by our Operations and Safety Management Team and by our senior drillers. Our drill rigs and crews are fully prepared for any situation with safe equipment.

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